The Most Flexible Name In Packaging

Preformed pouches offer distinctive benefits for your products. Gateway offers a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to match the right pouch to your product in terms of structure, shelf presence, barrier requirements, features, and cost. There are a wide variety of options for customizing your preformed pouch:

  • Paper or film printed surface
  • Clear or opaque films to enhance graphic appeal
  • Barrier films to extend shelf life
  • Offset printing for shelf-popping graphics and speed to market
  • Resealable closures to keep product fresh and easy to access
  • Pouches with 2 or 3-side seals
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Side-gusset pouches
  • PE/PET pouches and engineered films for source reduction and sustainability

Features & Benefits

  • Variety of styles available (2-side seal, 3-side seal, bottom gusset, side gusset and side gusset with bottom fold)
  • Sombrero or round hanger punches
  • Paper or film print ply
  • Miter or folded bottoms available on side-gusset pouches to provide maximum bottom display panel
  • Outstanding shelf appeal
  • High barrier properties
  • Completely sealed package provides total protection against contamination, moisture, oxygen, grease, and infestation
  • Hybrid bags deliver a premium look while utilizing existing filling equipment
  • Press-to-close/Hook-and-hook or slider closures for consumer convenience

Preformed Pouches
Preformed Pouches