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Multiwall Bags

Not only does Gateway produce a wide variety of multiwall bags, we also provide recommendations on materials, bag design, graphics, printing, and delivery. Below you will find an assortment of the multiwall bags we produce.

Preformed Pouches

Preformed pouches offer distinctive benefits for your products. Gateway offers a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to match the right pouch to your product in terms of structure, shelf presence, barrier requirements, features, and cost. There are a wide variety of options for customizing your preformed pouch:

  • Paper or film printed surface
  • Clear or opaque films to enhance graphic appeal
  • Barrier films to extend shelf life
  • Offset printing for shelf-popping graphics and speed to market
  • Resealable closures to keep product fresh and easy to access
  • Pouches with 2 or 3-side seals
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Side-gusset pouches
  • PE/PET pouches and engineered films for source reduction and sustainability

Features & Benefits

  • Variety of styles available (2-side seal, 3-side seal, bottom gusset, side gusset and side gusset with bottom fold)
  • Sombrero or round hanger punches
  • Paper or film print ply
  • Miter or folded bottoms available on side-gusset pouches to provide maximum bottom display panel
  • Outstanding shelf appeal
  • High barrier properties
  • Completely sealed package provides total protection against contamination, moisture, oxygen, grease, and infestation
  • Hybrid bags deliver a premium look while utilizing existing filling equipment
  • Press-to-close/Hook-and-hook or slider closures for consumer convenience

Preformed Pouches
Preformed Pouches


Let Gateway help you customize your packaging to meet industry needs and your equipment. Choose from a wide variety of substrates, printed or un-printed, with multi-layer lamination and printing executed to the highest standard is in the industry. Rollstock substrates include:

  • Coated paper stocks
  • Polyester
  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Paper | Poly | Foil | Poly
  • Paper | Poly
  • Cosmetic pouchstock
  • Metalized films
  • Wide range of white and color sealant films
  • High-barrier sealants

Features & Benefits

  • Reverse or surface printing
  • High barrier properties for product protection and extended shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly water-based inks
  • Solventless lamination for short or long run items


Some of the world’s best-known brands choose Gateway to provide the lids for their products; lids that strengthen brands, communicate quality and provide a competitive advantage in the market. Our complete in-house graphic design and production team can create a custom lid to meet any need:

  • Daisy-chain lidding for portion control and single serve packaging (IMS certified)
  • Tamper-evident safety seal lidding
    • Clear, white and metalized
    • Printed and unprinted
    • Peelable or weld seal
  • Roll-fed lidding

Features & Benefits

  • Heat seal for product protection
  • Printed or unprinted
  • Peelable or weld seals
  • Roll-fed or die-cut lidding
  • Daisy chain lidding for portion control


Custom labels differentiate your  products, and their ease of application and cost-effectiveness make them a versatile choice for a wide variety of applications. We produce pressure sensitive labels with laminates and coatings, as well as convolute and spiral wound labels. The possibilities are nearly limitless with all the choices we offer:

  • Up to 8-color printing, including 4-color process and coatings
  • A large selection of die sizes and shapes
  • Wide selection of substrates and adhesives
  • Over-laminating for added durability
  • Order quantities to meet the need, large or small

Features & Benefits

  • Large selection of die sizes and shapes
  • Over laminating with film substrates to add durability
  • Adhesives can be permanent, removable, freezer durable, and moisture proof
  • Suitable for automatic or manual application