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    Gateway Engineers provide a “Tough” response to Costco.

    Case Study: 40lb Kirkland Costco Bags for Diamond Pet Food Company

    Issue:  Diamond Pet came to Gateway Packaging asking for Product Development help in solving a packaging challenge. Their current large 40lb SOS bags were experiencing puncture problems causing higher than acceptable spoilage rates, as well as hot melt failure which caused bags opening and spilling product during the shipping and distribution process.

    Challenge for Gateway: Vance Fortenberry, Gateway’s Vice President of Product Development researched the issues with the current packaging and determined a stronger, better designed package was needed. He changed the layout to a mitered sealed pinch bottom bag with a strong outer puncture resistant layer. He also instructed Gateway’s hot melt suppliers to formulate a new glue that would react better with the current layers needed in the large weight package to eliminate the hot melt issue.

    Results: Gateway was able to provide Diamond Pet and Costco with a much stronger bag that displayed like an SOS bag.  The mitered style pinch bag, which gives the package a flat large bottom panel still provided the bags with the best possible shelf presentation. The newly engineered hot melt glue has made the bag virtually fail-proof and both Costco and Diamond are quite pleased with the dramatic quality improvement. Vance Fortenberry, who oversaw this project at Gateway Packaging said “Independent testing on our new Mitered Hybrid bag has proven to be over 200% stronger than the previous bags Diamond was using.  We are very pleased to have been able to provide our customer with this innovative new packaging design”.