The Most Flexible Name In Packaging

Over 125 years in business, Gateway has proven to operate sustainably thanks to a culture of innovation, a focus on delivering solutions to customer’s needs, and operating with a strong sense of responsibility for our environment.

Dating back to the late 1800s as Percy Kent Bag Company, we were an innovator in the production of jute burlap bags that became the replacement for bulky wooden barrels that carried flour, sugar and livestock feed. Our continued focus on developing industry-changing solutions inspired us to lead the way with the implementation of high end printing within the flexible packaging industry. Our Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) capability set new standards of quality and opened up new markets and opportunities for Gateway and our customers. Today we’re launching the packaging industry’s first totally recyclable PE bag, the Pro-Recyclable Pouch.

Lean manufacturing processes continue to improve our company’s financial bottom line by eliminating waste, and focusing on the needs of our customers in every aspect of our business from production, to administration and management. We also track water usage and have converted all lighting to energy saving bulbs in our plants.