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  • It’s not just our slogan. It’s our promise. We are proud of our ability to partner with customers to deliver innovative packaging solutions that will increase sales, create value, and enhance logistics. Gateway Packaging is a rapidly growing, progressive company with a long history of success working with top food manufacturers to solve their flexible packaging problems. We are a full service packaging solutions company. Customers benefit from our ability to take their projects from concept to completion.

    We can help increase sales because our printing capabilities are on the cutting edge of the flexible packaging industry. The shelf appeal of your products is enhanced due to our award winning printing, graphic design, and pre-press department. Gateway can help with speed to market to increase your profitability on new products and packaging giving you a marked advantage in marketplace presentation.

    You can choose from a wide array of custom bags, pouches and other packaging for food, pet food, and industrial customers: multiwall bags, preformed pouches, rollstock and lamination, lidding, and labels. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about how Gateway Packaging can give your products a distinct advantage.



    Simple components such as paper, film, foil and ink, coupled with the right vision and technology can create a package that distinguishes and gives added value to the product inside. At Gateway Packaging, our best in class graphics and printing let our customers’ packaging stand out in the marketplace and look better, increasing sales. Performance packaging means that your ideas can become a reality in visual appeal, product protection and consumer convenience. Our expertise and quality production ensure top performance of our packaging, reducing breakage, contamination and waste, saving you time and money.

    Our technologies and printing capabilities are world class, elevating your packaging to a new level of quality and shelf appeal. We offer a full range of paper, film and foil structures to ensure the integrity and protection of your products. Gateway Packaging offers a “one-stop” approach that will allow you to purchase a variety of packaging solutions. Whether it is pouches and bags or bowls and lidding, we can provide packaging to meet your needs and consolidate your supply chain.


    Gateway Packaging was founded in 1982, but our historical roots trace back to the earliest days of commercial packaging. The Percy Kent Bag Company was acquired by Gateway in 2000, bringing with it a heritage that dates to 1885 when Percy Kent began producing jute burlap bags as an innovative replacement for the bulky wooden barrels that carried flour, sugar, and commercial feed to a growing nation.

    Gateway Packaging Company is a family-operated business established in 1982 to supply flexible packaging products. We are a rapidly growing, progressive company with a long history of success partnering with top food manufacturers to solve their flexible packaging problems. Our ability to deliver innovative results faster and smarter offers a unique competitive advantage for our customers. We are committed to innovation and problem solving. We are not focused on just maintaining the status quo. We continually are looking for ways to improve our products for our customers and solving the problems you may have with your packaging.

    Gateway Packaging maintains a strong commitment to driving positive change through our organization. Our Continuous Improvement Team focuses on Lean Manufacturing initiatives that promote consistent quality, increase efficiency, and eliminate waste in all systems within the company.

    Our approach to continuous improvement requires a methodical system to problem solving in order to error-proof our processes. Our Continuous Improvement Team prides itself in being a “go to the gemba” – a Japanese reference to being a hands on, roll-up-your-sleeves type of team that is committed to achieving results through critical thinking and a commitment to improvement.


    Our team of extraordinary people takes great pride in doing the right thing, the right way, delivering a superior packaging product that helps make our customers successful. In fact, we’re incredibly proud of the fact that some of our customers have been with us since our inception – a testament to our team and our approach.


    Gateway Packaging is committed to anticipating your needs and working with you to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers. Our entire organization is dedicated to the goal of finding new ways to add value and to constantly improve the level of service that we provide. We like to say our advantage is in creating your advantage.


    Our vision continues to drive us on to find new and innovative ways, not only to produce outstanding packaging products, but to earn the respect of customers, employees and peers every day.



    Gateway Packaging is a proud member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. We partner with our customers to deliver innovative packaging solutions that will increase environmental sustainability, enhance value and increase sales. Gateway Packaging is a rapidly growing, progressive company with a long history of success working with top food manufacturers to solve their flexible packaging problems while incorporating ecological economics. We are a full service packaging solutions company. Customers benefit from our ability to take their projects from concept to completion in recyclable structures for plastic and paper bags, pouches, roll stock, lidding and labels.


  • environmental

    We’re committed to reducing or eliminating our environmental impact through more efficient use of energy and raw materials.

    Sustainable Forestry Initiative

    In 2010, Gateway Packaging voluntarily pursued and received certification by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). SFI is an independent certification from a non-profit organization responsible for maintaining, overseeing, and improving sustainable forestry. This certification program is internationally recognized and is the largest single forest standard in the world, and one of the top 10 eco-labels in the United States and Canada.


    Products that feature a SFI-label ensure that a paper’s fiber came from certified forests or was sourced through SFI’s rigorous fiber sourcing program. This is just one of the ways Gateway Packaging embraces environmental responsibility, and when you partner with us, you too are doing your part to help protect and preserve our

    Single Stream Recycling

    • Program started in 10/2010
    • To date we have reduced our landfill waste by 62%
    • Goal is to reduce by 90%
    • Partnering with QRS Recycling

    Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Emissions

    Gateway maintains low VOC emissions through the use of water-based inks, electron beam curing on offset presses, water-based glues in multiwall bag converting and a solventless adhesive laminator.

    Missouri Water Environment Association (MWEA)

    Our Kansas City plant maintains compliance with the MWEA’s requirements for wastewater discharge and reporting and we have an industrial wastewater treatment/pollution prevention program in place.  Gateway Packaging received the Platinum Award Winner status in 2011 for  five consecutive years of Gold Awards from the MWEA.

  • social

  • social

    We believe Gateway Packaging must play an important role in enhancing the quality of life for our team members. We’re committed to doing that through:

    • Opportunities for on-going training and skills development – offered on the job mentoring and through easy access to “Gateway University” training classes
    • A focus on safe work practices – realized through our mandatory monthly safety training sessions
    • Individual development plans and opportunities for advancement
    • Employee Incentive Program
      • Employees are given the opportunity to earn quarterly bonuses based on performance in the following areas:
        • Work Attendance
        • Safety
        • Returns/Allowances
        • Waste
        • Gateway University participation

    Similarly, our communities require our support in order to remain safe, thriving places to live and to raise families. We support a wide range of community initiatives.

     United Way Contributions

    • Gateway Packaging contributes to the United Way every year through an annual campaign drive.
    • The Kansas City plant increased their giving by 495%, over last year’s donations.  The plant was recognized by the Greater Kansas City United Way for their exceptional campaign.
    • The Granite City plant received an award for being “The Most Outstanding Campaign” for the 2010 Tri-Cities Area Division Campaign. Giving increased by 113% over last year’s contributions.

     Gateway Gives initiatives for 4th quarter, 2010

    • Thanksgiving collection of 140 lbs of food, magazines, toiletries and homemade cookies sent to Unit #31539, United States National Guard, stationed in the Gaza Strip, Egypt.
    • Thanksgiving food drive for unemployed workers.
    • Chamber of Commerce Southwestern Madison County Annual Children’s Christmas Party – we collected 197 toothbrushes and 151 tubes of toothpaste to be included in gift bags for each child at the party.
    • Food Drive – three employees who have been out on extended sick leave each received a food basket for Christmas.
  • economic

  • economic

    Gateway Packaging has proven time and again, over 125 years in business, to operate sustainably thanks to a culture of innovation, a focus on understanding and delivering solutions to customer’s needs, and operating with a strong sense of responsibility for our environment.

    Dating back to the late 1800s as Percy Kent Bag Company, we were an innovator in the production of jute burlap bags that became the replacement for bulky wooden barrels that carried flour, sugar and commercial feed.

    More recently, our continued focus on developing industry-changing solutions inspired us to lead the way with the implementation of high end printing within the flexible packaging industry. Our Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) capability set new standards of quality to the great benefit of clients, and in turn, opened up new markets and opportunities for Gateway’s future growth.

    Lean manufacturing processes continue to improve our company’s financial bottom line by eliminating waste, and focusing on the needs of our customers in every aspect of our business from production, to administration and management.

    Also as part of our environmental sustainability activities, Gateway has worked in conjunction with Ameren Illinois’ program Act On Energy. A result of this collaboration has led to both Gateway plants converting all lighting to energy saving bulbs. And, we’re now in the process of tracking our water usage to find ways to conserve water and reduce costs.


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